HUF UVS4040 433Mhz EU/USA TPMS sensor

40.00  / qty.

Available: 90 qty.
Pristatymas: 0-1 w.d.
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HUF IntelliSens

Sensor model


TPMS type

Programmable sensor

Valve type

Metal TPMS

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When ordering tire pressure sensors online, state your car model, make, year and region (EU or USA) or VIN number and we will program them for free. If available, provide the ID numbers of the original sensors, and no new sensors will be attached to the vehicle. Refer to the following contacts for procedures for attaching the sensors to the vehicle.

High quality HUF UVS4040 433Mhz programmable tire pressure gauges designed and manufactured in Germany. Smart design, lighter than previous models. Complies with all features and standards of original sensors and comes with a 3 year warranty.

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