Ateq VT56 OBDII padangų slėgio daviklių programatorius

1149.00  889.00  / vnt.

Likutis: 1 vnt.
Pristatymas: 4-7 d.d.
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Produkto kodas: TPMS73906201
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The VT56 is a fully updateable, universal TPMS tool. Designed to activate all TPMS sensors and store the sensor data. Using the OBDII connector this data can be transferred to the vehicle to reset the ECU when a sensor is replaced or wheel positions are changed. All popular programmable sensors can be programmed with the VT56.
VT56 OBII kit includes:
VT56 diagnostic tool
OBDII interface connector
OBDII to VT56 ethernet cable
USB PC cable
Power adaptor
Update software
Quickstart user manual
ATEQ hard kit carry case

VT56 features:
High resolution 4.3 » color display
OBDII location
Sensors on one screen
Integrated help
Icon driven intuitive learning
Part number lookup
OBDII for ECU reset
Dated history file
Programs all popular programmable sensors
Key fob tester
RF signal tester
Help screens
WIFI connection to PC
WIFI updates
Barcode scanner for vehicule identification
Docking cradle with thermal printer
Update via USB, WIFI & SD card
DTC read & reset
US/European/Asian vehicles
Full relearn procedures

Equipment required to carry the test ATEQ TPMS Box ; Air Supply + Pressure gauge ; ATEQ VT56 TPMS sensor decoder to read the pressure value of the sensor from within the box.
TPMS Sensor compatibility All currently known TPMS sensors on the market
New Sensors compatibility
As long as they fit inside the box, they are compatible
Maximum test pressure(approx.) 5 Bars (73 PSI)
Connectors Standard pneumatic dual connection on the back. One to connect air supply and an optional one to check the calibration of the gauge you are using.
Warranty 1 year
Weight 682 g ( 24.057 onces )
Dimensions H x W x D mm (inches) 200 (6.74″) X 120 (4.72″) X 85 (3.5″)